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Personalizing Your Braces: Choosing your colors

What Color Braces Should I Choose?


So you are finally getting braces and the big day is here!!  (Also check out our blog on- what to do before your big day of braces).

 So what color rubber band or donut will you choose for your braces? That is the big question. Your choices are many:  from purple to navy blue to baby blue to yellow to red, you have a rainbow of colors to choose from. 

There are many ways you can go:

  1. Choose your favorite color.  That’s an easy one.  Just choose your favorite color and call it a day.


  1. Choose your school color (s). Maybe its spirit week and you wanna show school spirit?  Choose your school colors to show how spirited you are!!  Go Sharks or Eagles, or whatever school mascot you have!


  1. Choose the colors of your favorite sports team!! Choose navy and maroon to show Texan Pride? Go Texans!! We’ve also got the ‘Stros and the Rockets.  H-town has some awesome sports teams that make us Houston proud!


  1. Choose a color that goes with your eyes or matches the color of clothing you most often wear. Sometimes matchy, matchy is catchy!


  1. Showcase how patriotic you are and go with Red, white and blue for Memorial Day, Labor Day, or the 4th of July.


  1. Feeling festive or in the holiday spirit? Try red and green for Christmas; pastel blues and pink around Easter; green for Eid; black, red and green for Kwanza; Blue and gold for Hannukah; black and orange for Halloween; or any of the fall colors for Thanksgiving.


  1. Or choose something that goes with your complexion. Gold, dark blue, pink, orange, turquoise, green, or violet complement darker skin tones.


  1. Light blue, Bronze, dark purple or subdued red and pinks complement lighter skin tones.


  1. Want your teeth to look whiter? Choose darker colors to bring that white out. (Do avoid yellow because it makes your teeth look yellower.  White also can absorb color and will absorb yellow especially from mustard or turmeric so it may also make your teeth look yellower after a few days.


  1. Just be really cool and do black and clear each time, because you could care less about what color you get – Too cool for colors – that just may be you!


  1. Last, but not least. No sure what color to get, go with Dr. Zaman’s favorite brace colors, which are mostly in the blue category:  baby blue and turquoise.  Love it!!!


Don’t be afraid to ask for multiple colors or to change your colors each time.  Our staff at Garden Oaks Dental are happy to help you at any time.  Book your appointment today and get straighter teeth now!

Rubina Zaman, DDS Dr. Zaman provides care for the entire family ranging in age from 3 months to 90 years old. To improve her skills and treatment options for her patients, Dr. Zaman regularly attends continuing education courses, especially in orthodontics and other teeth-straightening options such as Invisalign® and ClearConnect®. She enjoys watching her patients leave the office with a big, beautiful smile.

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