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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you have many options at Garden Oaks Dental in Houston, Texas, including dental implants. As one of the leading advances in dentistry over the past four decades, permanent dental implants not only restore your smile but also improve the health of your jaw and mouth. For more information about dental implants, call the office or book an appointment online.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an effective and long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically placed into your jaw and affixed with a dental crown for a secure fit that feels more like your natural teeth. The implant consists of a strong biocompatible metal, similar to the material used for knee replacement.

The team at Garden Oaks Dental uses Hiossen® dental implants to replace a single missing tooth or as support for a bridge or dentures.

Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Most people are good candidates for dental implants. However, the team at Garden Oaks Dental requires a thorough oral examination to ensure dental implants are the best choice for you.

Ideally, you should have:

  • Healthy gums
  • Enough jawbone to support the implant
  • Good oral hygiene habits

What are the benefits of dental implants?

There are a number of advantages of dental implants, including:

  • Restoration of your smile
  • Improved bite and chewing
  • Prevention of premature aging

Dental implants also improve jawbone health. Without the regular nourishment provided by the nerves and tissue in your tooth, the jawbone begins to weaken and regress. Dental implants stimulate bone regeneration and keep your jawbone healthy and strong.

How do you place dental implants?

Placement of your dental implant may require several visits to Garden Oaks Dental. After your initial consultation where you get the OK for dental implants, the team has you come in for the surgical placement of the dental anchor.

To ease any discomfort, the dental specialists at Garden Oaks Dental use anesthesia during placement. While you may feel anxiety leading up to the placement of your implant, many patients find the experience fairly painless and can resume their usual activities within a day.

After the implant is placed, it goes through what’s called osseointegration, where the implant adheres to your jawbone for a secure fit. The healing process takes up to three months, during which time the team at Garden Oaks Dental recommends you eat a soft diet.

Once the implant has fully healed, a permanent crown or denture is added to the implant to secure your bite and complete your smile.

How do I take care of my dental implants?

Implants are strong and durable but require the same dental care as your regular teeth, including:

  • Daily brushing and flossing
  • Regular checkups and cleanings with the team at Garden Oaks Dental

If you’d like more information about dental implants, call the office or book an appointment online.